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Go Higher

Good is the archenemy of great.

This is no new revelation. But when a word begins to take root in your soul—being written into your DNA and tempered into your nature—there is ground ready for transformation to break out.

Recently, I have been relentlessly confronted by my tendency to settle. For as long as I can remember I have had areas of my life where I’d default to accept something short of my dreams as good enough. Of course, it’s easier to master pointing this out in others’ lives. Lately however, the Lord has been letting me see how many of my internal settings need to be calibrated to God’s idea of great.

I can hear a previous version of me trying to convince you that a certain measure of pessimism is a survival skill—a good defense mechanism that protects us from being hurt or offended. Of course, if you don’t like to be disappointed, the easiest defense is to resign yourself to compromising in order to manage. After all, if you’re constantly aiming too high, you’re bound to sip from failure’s bitter cup more often.

This is not God’s design for us. Continue reading

An Identity Crisis Trumps Our Refugee “Problem”

This is getting out of hand. In the name of national security and social justice, our consciences are being assassinated and our souls assaulted every time we turn on, tune in, log on, or click. If we don’t agree you’re immoral. If you won’t endorse you’re intolerant. If you’re red you can’t be blue, if you’re not blue you can’t be black, and if you’re white someone’s looking for a stain.

It’s time Christians realized that our issue isn’t immigration. Our crisis is not refugees, or even militant radical Islam. The Church is suffering from an identity crisis and the world is paying the price. Continue reading

One Bloody Road Visits CBN News!

It was an incredible honor to be invited to CBN Headquarters in Virginia to share One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship, my family, and our life in ministry. We were amazed at the way each of the crews we worked with prayed for the Lord’s presence before anything we did.

We will update you as the television interviews are released soon!

Here’s the link to see the Facebook Live Interview: http://bit.ly/2kgkB2G

A special thanks to:

  • Aisha Bascom
  • Demetria Stallings
  • Charlene Aaron
  • Gary Lane

And all of the crew (YEAH PETE!) and people who so graciously hosted us.


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When Grace Reigns (The Breaking of a Writer, Pt. 8)

An excerpt from the new book,  One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship:

“Only selflessness and humility prepare the ground for a habitation that serves as the space for a move of God that shakes the foundations of the world. I am not talking about revivals that come and go. I speaking of the resting of God both upon and within a people—the sons and daughters of God taking their place in the world.”

Chapter 7: Living Stones


If I could sum up discipleship in Christ, I would do it something like this: Discipleship is a daily crucified walk with Jesus that keeps us close to Him and ready to experience His glory in displays of resurrection. This is the story of my life. If, for large portions of time I was not a disciple, or if for other times I was not so aware of what that meant, Jesus has actually been calling me down this road for as long as I can remember. He sealed his own intention and willingness to disciple me by going to the cross himself, and proved the Father’s ability to make good on this call in His resurrection. Continue reading

An Eternal Legacy (The Breaking of a Writer, Pt. 7)

An excerpt from the new book,  One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship:

“Sonship is the place in which we are established in our eternal connection and covenant to the Lord, and where we learn the Father and his heart for us by experiencing life with Him. Sonship is not just knowing doctrine or practicing religious rite. Sonship is our life in the Father’s lap. This happens daily, it happens unrehearsed, and it happens to all who willingly open their heart to the reality of the vastness of his love for them.”

Chapter 4: Sonship


Up to this point, anything I ever wrote came with pressure. When an idea or a title would flash through my head, I would immediately feel this need to make something of it, and fast. If I didn’t someone else would first, or I would forget it, or I would just miss the opportunity and never get it back.

This time was different. Continue reading

When God Says “Go!” (The Breaking of a Writer, Pt. 6)

An excerpt from the new book,  One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship:

“With the newfound ability to breathe came an awakening in certain areas of my life. As abundant life becomes our experience, it will have an expression. What has been formed in the quiet places between God and us begins to flow outward and manifest as actual change in our being and interactions with the world around us.”

Chapter 6: Abundant Life


 In the last weekend of January of 2016, my wife and I were ministering in Virginia while on furlough from Africa. I remember that morning while I was in prayer, the phrase “bring out your sacred cows” came to my heart and I felt I was being led to preach it in that service. I kept it before the Lord to be sure I was hearing right.

When I sat down in Pastor Jim’s office, I laughed as his bookshelf caught my eye. In the center of about ten small painted cow statues was a bronze book weight, sculpted in the image of the golden calf forged by Aaron and the children of Israel while Moses was meeting with God at Mount Sinai. Sacred cows. Gotcha God. Continue reading

When the Heart is Tested (The Breaking of a Writer, Pt. 5)

An excerpt from the new book,  One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship:

“We learn that there is no situation that He has not covered and that the fear of adversity is ultimately more dangerous than the adversity itself. That’s because death—our greatest enemy—has already been defeated.”

Chapter 5: Brokenness


Less than a week after hearing the Lord invite me into “the fullness of joy,” my spirit was pricked when the Lord seemed to pick the conversation up again in another time of prayer. As I felt His voice speak to my heart, I knew He was continuing His earlier invitation to intimacy, only this time with a condition. Continue reading

Joy at Any Cost (The Breaking of a Writer, Pt. 4)

An excerpt from the new book,  One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship:

“Ultimately, the emotional and relational dynamics of “growing up” overtake all of our relationships, especially the one we were created to have with our spiritual Father in heaven, where faith and a certain bewilderment are prerequisites.”

Chapter 4: Sonship and Circumcision


If there is one word that has been a constant in the dialogue of my heart with the Lord, it has been intimacy. For as long as I can remember walking with Jesus—since He freed my heart from sin and guilt—any time I have ever talked with Him or sought His wisdom or intervention in my life, it seems He’s always answered by inviting me to be more intimate with His presence.

For years it was as if this was a cordial standoff. I was locked in a staring contest which I knew I was not going to win, even if I’d resorted to all sorts of pranks and stunts to get God to flinch. Or, if I couldn’t get Him to flinch, I’d at least try to turn His attention to something else and not have to surrender. Continue reading

Dodging Disappointment (The Breaking of a Writer, Pt. 3)

An excerpt from the new book, One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship:

“We need to know that we can trust His intentions for our future. Because He is God, and was before the earth was even formed, we can trust His ability to deliver compassion. Because He loved us when we weren’t deserving, we can trust His intentions to be compassionate. Because Jesus was the guarantee for both God’s ability and desire towards us, it is worth it to still love those who’ve hurt us in hopes they might discover the same incredible God.

Chapter 2: The (After) Birth


The truth is, the conditions for my failed relationship with writing were part of a much bigger flaw in my life. As far back as I can remember, I always held the sense that I needed to prove myself. I cannot really remember a relationship or a setting where I felt comfortable without having to prove my worth.DSC05620 Continue reading

Eroding Innocence (The Breaking of a Writer, Pt. 2)

An excerpt from the new book,  One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship:

“No matter how many times I sacrifice in order to lift someone else, there is always another opportunity for me to put aside my own accomplishments for somebody else’s success….If God truly is our source and supply, then He can never be exhausted and there will never be a limit to what He is able to do, even when we spend our lives lifting others and disregarding our own advancement. In fact, it pleases the Father’s heart to have kids who give their lives for their family.”

Chapter 6: Abundant Life


The first time I published my writing, it looked for a while like it would be the last. When I was around twelve or so my parents ponied up to have a poem of mine put into a pay-to-play anthology. I think I fell in love with the thought after I saw an ad in one of those book club catalogues you get in grade school. Somehow I convinced my parents it was key to the growth of my self-image that I got that poem “published.”

Continue reading

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