Discipleship is a word often used, but seldom practiced in today’s Christian culture. 

No ministry, no title, and no gift can substitute for intimately following Christ. For far too long the efforts of our Christian programs have focused on leading people off of the One Bloody Road Christ walked. We have traded surrender for skill, productivity for intimacy, and comforts for Christ. But there is a deeper closeness that awaits those willing to pursue the One who first pursued us. There is joy and rest, and a satisfaction of living unrestrained before the Father for those who will step beyond the fog of our shiny cathedrals and into the light of the presence of Jesus Himself.

Step into the life of glory by walking where Christ walked, in the daily surrender of bearing the cross. Allow the Spirit to speak to your identity as a child of God. Explore the potential of Christ’s version of abundant life broadcasting the love of God to a world who desperately needs it. It’s time the church returned to her place as the family of God, making true disciples in the image of the Son. I invite you to discover the glorious way of discipleship by walking with Jesus and His Bride, the Church, down the One Bloody Road that leads to resurrection in Christ.

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