An excerpt from the new book,  One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship:

“With the newfound ability to breathe came an awakening in certain areas of my life. As abundant life becomes our experience, it will have an expression. What has been formed in the quiet places between God and us begins to flow outward and manifest as actual change in our being and interactions with the world around us.”

Chapter 6: Abundant Life


 In the last weekend of January of 2016, my wife and I were ministering in Virginia while on furlough from Africa. I remember that morning while I was in prayer, the phrase “bring out your sacred cows” came to my heart and I felt I was being led to preach it in that service. I kept it before the Lord to be sure I was hearing right.

When I sat down in Pastor Jim’s office, I laughed as his bookshelf caught my eye. In the center of about ten small painted cow statues was a bronze book weight, sculpted in the image of the golden calf forged by Aaron and the children of Israel while Moses was meeting with God at Mount Sinai. Sacred cows. Gotcha God.

As the service began that morning, my wife and I worshiped in anticipation of what God might do that morning. As I kept my heart positioned in prayer and surrender, not wanting to be carnal or belligerent in calling people to let go of idols they had created in their lives, something like a picture flashed in my heart. I saw an outline. I saw chapters and divisions based on a teaching I had done years before training pastors in Tanzania on discipleship. Then I heard the phrase discipleship is a bloody path, and in terms I can’t completely explain, it was like the theme of bloody discipleship which I heard became bound together with the outline and subjects I saw.

The whole experience triggered a lot of emotions. I was already feeling vulnerable carrying what could be a “heavy” word for this church. Seeing this unfold in my heart instantly sparked feelings about writing which I had laid down a year earlier in response to the Lord. I was immediately a little defensive and tried to not allow this “sacred cow” to rise up in my heart again. But the “encounter” didn’t stop. In a few moments the theme, outline, and title “One Bloody Road” had settled into my heart. By the end of the week I would be confident that my Father had not only said it was time to start writing again, but He had released my heart to do it. With another invitation the Lord had presented to me what it was I would write.

Just like that, a book was conceived. Within six months, One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship, would be born. It was as if God finally said, “Go!”

This post is part of a series titled, A Written Redemption: The Breaking of a Writer. (Links below)


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