An excerpt from the new book,  One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship:

“Only selflessness and humility prepare the ground for a habitation that serves as the space for a move of God that shakes the foundations of the world. I am not talking about revivals that come and go. I speaking of the resting of God both upon and within a people—the sons and daughters of God taking their place in the world.”

Chapter 7: Living Stones


If I could sum up discipleship in Christ, I would do it something like this: Discipleship is a daily crucified walk with Jesus that keeps us close to Him and ready to experience His glory in displays of resurrection. This is the story of my life. If, for large portions of time I was not a disciple, or if for other times I was not so aware of what that meant, Jesus has actually been calling me down this road for as long as I can remember. He sealed his own intention and willingness to disciple me by going to the cross himself, and proved the Father’s ability to make good on this call in His resurrection.

I have been blessed to see broken parts of my life redeemed and now alive as testimonies of this resurrection life. Marriage, ministry, my personal interaction with others, and even writing, all testify to what God can do in redeeming a broken vessel. In May, when I finally sat down to write One Bloody Road: The Glorious Way of Discipleship , I wound up getting out the equivalent of about 170 pages in what was thirteen days.

During a time our family set aside for prayer and fasting, and in which we rested rather than going out and ministering or raising support, I was able to finally see a lifetime calling bear fruit. It flowed. It came with freedom. It came with joy. Finally I had surrendered to the Lord’s love and let Him win the staring contest. I had given in to His relentless pursuit of my heart. He had desired not only to see me write, but He was after seeing me experience the freedom of closeness with Him in every moment of every one of my life’s endeavors. He was after intimacy as a part of seeing me fulfill my calling.

And this is where you find me today. Sure the old man—my weakness and failure—tries to remind me of those old dynamics of “producing” for the Lord’s favor. Old habits die hard, and if I am not careful I can find myself assigning old emotions and thoughts to the new things the Lord is doing in my life. But the fact is that I have finally walked down this road. In writing, I have finally endured through a part of the process which I could have never known aside from actually taking the steps to get there. Time has played its part, and despite my obvious deficiencies, the love of God has both endured and proved victorious. Where I have not been willing to dedicate time to Him and His presence, where I have substituted closeness for production, my Father has been faithful to me with a love that has never failed.

It would be so much easier to tell you how much I like to write, some of the things I have written, and others I hope to, all wrapped in a nice, flowing blog that makes you smile and click the next page. But I am not identified by heaven as a writer. To God, I am a child. When my daddy holds the crayon in my hand, I get to be a part of what He is doing. What He does by His Spirit always breathes life and lasts forever. I hope this story inspires you.

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